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THE BIG TAKEOVER —> "nicol’s plaintive vocal delivery moves from dreamy to fretful and back again, changes in mood that reflect the malleable nature of his music that is strewn throughout with catchy melody, disorienting noises, and unusual sonic combinations"

ARTIST HOME —> "best of all, leava’s unafraid to throw wrenches of experimentation into his songs. creepy, atonal retro keyboards chase down nicol’s increasingly fearful voice and unsettle the sensual synth-funk cushion"

SEATTLE MUSIC INSIDER —> “leava’s music is serious. simon nicol’s most recent work under the leava moniker is dark yet makes liberal use of lush soundscapes both typical and electronic. his voice quavers with uncertainty; when nicol dug into his upper register you could feel it, but those upper notes came easily anyway, fragile as they were. the music was quite stripped down as it featured just that voice and electric guitar. but it was beautiful. “brunt” is a lovely ep that deserves repeated listens, especially during these dark, wintry months.”

NADA MUCHO —> "leava is the pseudonym of musician/producer simon nicol. his last release, true blvrs, excellently showcased his versatility and command of his craft. glitchy electro is a constant, often in waves of detached minimalism. bursts of electric guitar and nicol’s fiercely experimental vocal delivery keep things unpredictable and fresh throughout. with production credits including claire michelle and the surging actionesse, as well as many others, nicol’s influence on the seattle music community continues to grow."